Secure Home Field Services perceives the importance of property preservation inspections and monitoring the condition of delinquent properties. We provide accurate data inspection early in the default process to alleviate risk by abstaining unnecessary expenses. Through inspection we are able to find out the property’s condition and occupancy status as well as damages, issues are seized earlier. It is conducive to reduce cost, time commitment & inconvenience of reparation. To ensure the preservation of the asset and abate the negative community impact of vacant properties, mortgagees must conduct regular property inspections. Our qualified inspectors provide accurate and timely information to our clients. We offer extensive inspection services.

Occupancy Inspection

The Occupancy Inspection may determine that the property is (i) occupied (ii) vacant but obviously being maintained or (iii) vacant and abandoned. We employed highly trained field inspectors who are susceptible to ascertain the condition & occupancy of the property because we are aware of your investment & through this, we can assure the safety of your investment.

Bankruptcy Inspections

Inspection on bankruptcy property is indispensable & we are concerned of the sensitivity of this kind of inspection. We can gather knowledge about the extrinsic assessment of the property from the street including condition, occupancy status and documentation of issues that could lead to code violations or further damage to the property through bankruptcy inspection.

Property Condition Inspection

Our qualified inspectors are always concerned to give the unerring information about the property by direct visual observation through property preservation inspection to avoid any kind of risk which could be exaggerated for our clients.

Disaster Inspection

When any disaster affects your property, we are here to help you. Disaster inspection, which report the scope of damage for homeowner insurance and repair purposes is an important part of inspections. This inspection is needed to determine the condition of the property and document damages, if applicable, that are observed due to the disaster.

Additional Inspections

  • REO
  • Secondary Mortgage Market Due Diligence
  • Trust
  • Real Property
  • Mobile/Manufactured Home
  • Structural Damage
  • Debris/Dumping/Hazard Materials
  • Insurance Loss
  • FEMA
  • Vehicle
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Merchant
  • Collection “Door Knock”
  • Foreclosure (Interior/Exterior; Weekly/Monthly)